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LOLC Champions Sustainability through Renewable Energy & Reforestation

The LOLC Group, one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka has embarked on several Renewable Energy initiatives within the organization as well as on a national scale, with a mission to commit towards a sustainable future, by meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future generations to meet their own.  

Playing a significant role in the foremost economic sectors of the country, the rapidly evolving LOLC Group employs over 5000 staff members in various regions across the island. With a firm belief that promoting renewable energy starts from within, LOLC initiated several programs to increase the awareness and promote the adoption of sustainability amongst the Group staff, recently. In line with this, a Group-wide competition titled ‘Rewarding you for Sustainability’ was implemented with the objective of promoting active involvement of the staff. Ten lucky winners were picked and rewarded through a competition which was conducted across the Group representing all districts. At the awards presentation which took place at the LOLC Head Office, the winners were also appointed as Ambassadors to carry the message of Sustainability to the various regions and divisions.

The LOLC Group stepped into the year 2017 with a bold initiative to contribute to the forest cover of Sri Lanka. Today, deforestation is considered one of the most serious environmental issues in the country and the concerns keep growing.  In this backdrop, the LOLC Group commenced the new year with a tree planting campaign named, “Ratak Surakinna, Gasak Sitawanna – Plant a tree and Preserve the Country””.  The staff of all LOLC Group companies actively took part in the tree planting program during the first working week of 2017 by planting a tree in their office premises, home garden or in a nearby public place such as a school or a park.  In addition to inculcating the good habit of tree planting, one of the key objectives of this program is to ensure that the staff members nurture the plant until it grows to a tree. LOLC aims to plant 2,000 trees in 2017 and hopes to continue with its tree planting effort annually to enhance the forest cover, island wide. In doing so, LOLC also hopes to reward and recognize the Group companies and staff members who are committed to this campaign over a period of time.

Furthermore, all new employees joining the LOLC Group are educated about the Group’s sustainable energy efforts at the staff induction programs. The Group also plans to launch some innovative products with a view to promote Renewable Energy amongst its vast customer base.

Commenting on LOLC’s ongoing Renewable Energy efforts, Mr. Kapila Jayawardena, LOLC Group Managing Director/CEO said, “We are extremely pleased with the level of enthusiasm and engagement demonstrated by our staff, based right throughout the country. This also demonstrates that through collective action we can confront the common, central challenges and achieve lasting change. As a Group, we have taken an aggressive approach on developing and promoting renewable energy sources and reforestation. Our commitment is to create a sustainable environment whereby making an overall impact on the environment we live and operate in”.

On a national context, LOLC ventured into solar power generation when its Group company, Sagasolar Power (Private) Limited recently opened Sri Lanka’s first and largest Utility Scale Solar Power plant in Hambantota. The plant which is the first of its kind initiated by the Private sector has the capacity to produce 10 MW of power to the National Grid.  With continuous expansion, LOLC also envisages to take its Renewable Energy initiatives worldwide by introducing it to its Cambodian and Myanmar offices.  

In 2008, LOLC became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) strategic policy initiative which seeks to promote sustainable and responsible businesses throughout the world. Sustainable initiatives have always been widely practiced in all LOLC’s core businesses since its early inception. The LOLC Group’s sustainability journey is not a mere effort to improve its systems and operations but an effort to positively impact the processes beyond the boundaries of the company.

A few winners receiving their awards at the ‘Rewarding you for Sustainability’ awards ceremony from Mr. Kapila Jayawardena, LOLC Group Managing Director/CEO, Mrs. Kalsha Amarasinghe, Executive Director, LOLC Group and Dr. R. A. Fernando, Director, LOLC Group.

Some images from the many regions and divisions that took part in the “Ratak Surakinna, Gasak Sitawanna – “Plant a tree and Preserve the Country”” programme of LOLC, launched on 1st January 2017.

Some of the Group’s Senior Members receiving plants from Mr. Kapila Jayawardena, LOLC Group Managing Director/CEO.