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Sierra Leone

The LOLC Group expanded its global footprint in plantation and renewable energy segments with the acquisition of Sunbird Sierra Leone Limited as the country has a large scale requirement for sugar.

  • $ 461

    GDP per Capita
  • 8.6 Mn

    Total Population
  • 50,000 Ha

    Total Land Extent

Sunbird Sierra Leone

Sunbird Sierra Leone is a large agro-based company in Sierra Leone with the ability to increase the sugarcane cultivated land extent up to 50,000 Ha along with a sophisticated production facility, which produces Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA). It is one of the largest economic opportunity providers in the African region with over 5,000 employees. The company generates and exports power to the national grid with a power generation capacity of 32MWh, which is capable of electrifying 25% of Sierra Leone’s electricity requirement.