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LOLC Divi Saviya Initiative Garners National Recognition


LOLC Holdings PLC, the esteemed Sri Lankan multinational conglomerate, received a prestigious recognition from the Ministry of Education at national level, for its outstanding humanitarian endeavour, "LOLC Divi Saviya," dedicated to enhancing the educational prospects of the nation's children. This historic accolade signifies the first time a private sector entity has been honoured by the Ministry with such an esteemed national-level acknowledgment for its impactful efforts in enriching the educational space of the country.

Mr. Kapila Jayawardena, Group Managing Director/CEO of LOLC Holdings PLC and Mr. Kithsiri Gunawardena, Chief Operating Officer, LOLC Holdings PLC, graciously accepted this recognition from Dr. Susil Premajayantha, Minister of Education, alongside to Mrs. Wasantha Perera, Secretary to Ministry of Education and Mrs. Udara Dikkumbura, Additional Secretary-School Affairs. The appreciation ceremony was held on the 14th of February at the Ministry of Education, Isurupaya, Battaramulla.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Premajayantha, Minister of Education said, “I offer my heartfelt congratulations to LOLC for receiving this well-deserved national honour. From the inception, to the continuous sustenance of the Divi Saviya initiative, LOLC has established an admirable standard for corporate citizenship, displaying the significant impact private sector entities can make in positive social transformation. Through its comprehensive approach to education, LOLC has set new standards in driving positive social transformation, solidifying its position as a genuine advocate for national development. I urge more private sector entities to follow suit and to join us in contributing to uplifting the nation's needs.”

The past year, encompassing 2022 and 2023, has witnessed profound economic challenges that have significantly affected the educational landscape, particularly impacting children's access to learning. Recognizing this critical stage, LOLC, deeply rooted in its Sri Lankan origins, swiftly responded to the nation's call for assistance. The initiative, aptly named "Daye Daruwange Anagathaya Wenuwen" (for the future of the children), aimed at alleviating the financial pressures on families, allowing students to focus on their studies unhindered.

In pursuit of LOLC's commitment to fostering inclusive and sustainable progress, they embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recognizing the pivotal role of financial inclusion in alleviating poverty, advancing gender equality, and fostering triple bottom line growth. LOLC’s dedication to uplifting communities from poverty underscores their efforts to empower Sri Lankan communities.

The LOLC Divi Saviya initiative, commenced in February 2023, has been instrumental so far in addressing the pressing needs of students across the country. By providing school supplies ranging from exercise books to mathematical toolboxes, LOLC seeks to create an enabling environment conducive to learning and growth for students from grades 1 to 13.

Through its phased approach, the LOLC Divi Saviya initiative has successfully distributed essential school materials to over 1400 schools in its inaugural phase, expanding its reach to 1600 schools in the subsequent phase. With the launch of the third phase, the initiative aims to extend its coverage to an additional 1204 schools, with a total investment surpassing Rs. 2.5 Billion.

Sharing his thoughts on this national recognition, Mr. Kapila Jayawardena, Group Managing Director / CEO of LOLC Holdings PLC stated, “As we humbly accept this prestigious national recognition, we are profoundly grateful for the steady support of the Ministry of Education. This award underscores LOLC's consistent contribution to community welfare as a beacon of social responsibility in the region, validating our efforts as a true corporate citizen. With the continued success of our Divi Saviya program, fuelled by this national level acknowledgment, we are inspired to expand our efforts even further, reaching new horizons of our humanitarian journey to create a lasting impact on the lives of countless young minds across our nation.”

In December 2023, LOLC Divi Saviya launched the third phase of its educational initiative, coinciding with the festive season under the theme "Gifting the Future.” Through targeted activations across 24 LOLC locations, the initiative involved regional schoolchildren, emphasizing the importance of fostering educational opportunities in shaping their dreams.

As the third phase progresses, LOLC Divi Saviya endeavours to broaden its reach to schools nationwide, specifically targeting those with 101-150 students. This expansion initiative is poised to encompass over 40% of the schools in Sri Lanka, representing a significant milestone as we surpass the mark of 3000 schools reached. Distribution activities for this phase are set to resume in late April, following the conclusion of the school vacations.