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LOLC Finance opens a new Chapter in Pudukuduirippu


LOLC Finance PLC, the largest Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI) in Sri Lanka has announced the opening of its newest branch recently, at Oddisuddan Road, Pudukuduirippu.

The newest branch was established to meet the demands for diverse financial solutions arising from the vibrant communities of the area. LOLC Finance, Pudukuduirippu is geared to offer a superior level of financial services with a wide range of innovative and personalized solutions.

The Chief Guest, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of LOLC Finance PLC, Mr. Montini Warnakula, Regional Managers and Senior Management members along with the other staff members of LOLC Finance were present at the event. A number of customers from in and around the area also keenly took part in initiating their first transactions at the new branch.

Speaking at the ceremony Mr. Montini Warnakula said, “We understand the financial requirements of our customers well, and we offer them a diverse range of solutions. In fetching greater convenience and accessibility to the agri, fisheries, farming and SME communities of this area, we have added this new branch to our expanding footprint. The newest branch will also be dedicated to serve its communities with our high-touch customer service and cutting-edge digital technologies. We will always go beyond our ways to serve our customers efficiently whilst ensuring stability, strength and vitality of service”.

Further to the merger between Commercial Leasing and LOLC Finance, LOLC Finance have become even stronger with a total hold of 20% from the entire NBFI industry’s asset portfolio. As the prime NBFI in the country, the Company now boasts its largest outreach with a total branch network of 210 branches and an active customer base of over 600,000, with its total lending portfolio amounting to over Rs. 200 Bn, coupled with a deposit base of over Rs. 150 Bn.

A diverse array of financial solutions ranging from Savings and Fixed Deposits, Microfinance, Lending Services, Gold Loan, Credit Card Facilities, Factoring and Islamic Financial Services, Digital and Online Platform Services among others can be obtained from this branch.