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LOLC Finance's Environmental Leadership Recognized with Green Business Commitment Award


LOLC Finance has been honoured with the Green Business Commitment of the Year award in the non-banking sector, a prestigious accolade bestowed by the esteemed Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL). This recognition highlights LOLC Finance's assurance to sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices.

The Green Business Commitment of the Year award underscores LOLC Finance's dedication to integrating green initiatives into its operational framework, significantly contributing to the nation's sustainable development goals. Recognized by the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka, a prominent advocate for environmentally responsible practices, LOLC Finance stands out as a pioneer in the non-banking sector for its exemplary efforts in fostering sustainability.

Mr. Montini Warnakula, Chief Operating Officer of LOLC Finance, conveyed his appreciation for the recognition, expressing, “Being awarded the Green Business Commitment of the Year award from the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka is a great honour for us. It serves as a clear testament to our unwavering commitment towards sustainability and environmental stewardship. At LOLC Finance, we believe in conducting business with a deep sense of responsibility towards the planet and the well-being of the future generations."

LOLC Finance has consistently demonstrated a proactive approach to environmental responsibility through various initiatives, including the Deniyaya Reforestation Project commenced in July 2022, under which 20,000 trees are to be planted within the 50-acre Miyawaki Forest and Butterfly Garden. Further, the organization also has initiatives for Energy and Water Consumption Reduction, implementation of solar power for the branch network, and green finance options such as solar loans. These efforts align seamlessly with the vision of the GBCSL to promote green building concepts and sustainable practices across diverse sectors.

Ms. Sithumini Wijerathne, Sustainability Manager at LOLC Finance, remarked, "This award signifies the culmination of our collective endeavours in embedding sustainability into our business operations. All or recent projects underscore LOLC Finance intends to emphasize our vital role in mitigating climate change and conserving biodiversity, while also drawing attention to the harmful effects of pollution. We will continue to explore innovative ways to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business."

The prestigious award ceremony unfolded on December 21, 2023, at the BMICH Colombo, attracting a gathering of influential industry leaders, government officials and passionate sustainability advocates.

LOLC Finance remains steadfast in its commitment to propel forward its sustainability initiatives. The company eagerly anticipates serving as an inspiration for other entities, encouraging them to adopt environmentally responsible practices in pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.